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14U SFC Rampage at the USSSA Summer Bash

Continuing the SFC Legacy

07/27/2019, 12:00am PDT
By Audra Jackley

Hello SFC Family,

Thank you to everyone for an exciting and successful 2018-2019 season! Throughout the season we experienced big victories, saw small wins, made new friends from other teams, learned a lot, and overall had a really great time. I’m excited to be your president and build on the Seattle Fastpitch legacy. We are strong, we are confident, we are SFC.

Why SFC? Why get involved? I’ve been coaching softball since the 2000 Little League season, coaching both Magnolia Little League and SFC teams over the years. This year I coached 14U SFC Rampage with Tom Richmond and Amy LeNoir.  I’m excited to report we also had coaching assistance from SFC alumni Allegra Quiban, Belle Watt, Lucy Pearson, Marissa Reagle, Kate Yerkes, and Hayley Richmond.

I often get the question, where does your daughter play? The answer is my child has four legs, brown fur, and answers to the name of Lucy Bell. I don’t have human kids. I volunteer for the love of the game. I love softball. I love everything about it. Softball gets in your heart and never lets go. It’s been with me since I put my first glove on many years ago.   

Personal Connection. I also have a personal connection to SFC. My friend, Marah Williams, played for the original SFC Beasts. Marah, a.k.a. the Rocket, was an amazing softball pitcher. Even more she was a great coach and a positive force on the field. I have quite a few Marah stories from the three years we coached Magnolia Little League together. Sadly, Marah left us on June 12, 2012. She passed away due to an accidental heroin overdose. Her parents started The Marah Project in her honor. For more on The Marah Project visit: This is for you Mar!

See you at tryouts!

Audra Jackley

Coach, 14U SFC Rampage

President, Seattle Fastpitch Club (SFC)

Go SFC! Go Cougs!


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