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Scaretastic Fall Classic Costume Contest Winners

By Web Admin, 11/01/21, 12:45PM PDT


Thank you to all teams!

After much deliberation, we're excited to announce the Scaretastic Fall Classic costume contest winners. 

Thank you to all the teams for awesome, creative costumes! 

10U Costume Contest Winner - Stanwood Cannons as the Things

Second Place - SFC Steel as Hogwarts

12U Costume Contest Winner: KB Purple - A League of Their Own

Tie: 12U Second Place - Shock Campbell as the Circus

Tie: 12U Second Place - Diamond Dusters Black as the Oompa Loompas

14U Costume Contest Winners - KB Silver as Average Joes

14U Second Place - SFC Flare as 80s Aerobics Instructors

16U Costume Contest Winners - Freedom Fastpitch Deviney as Jazzercise Instructors

16U Second Place - SFC Eastside as Cops and Robbers

18U Costume Contest Winners - WA Acers Mathews as Little White Lies